Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kimla Designs 'Cup of Happiness' *NEW KIT* and Scenery Papers Addon

'Cup of Happiness'
Beautiful new kit from Kimla Designs with gorgeous soft brushed elements & papers.
Available at After Five Designs [link]
Dreamy Overlays

Here's a page from me:

Beautiful Addon on Papers created by Kimla Designs
and Holly Spring Designs [link]

And here's a page from me:-


  1. loving this, love the layouts with Violet ;)
    gorgeous xx

  2. oooh Holly you have the most stunning extractions! what is your secret??? ^^
    Love your LO's!! You used her gorgeous kit wel honey!!

  3. Thanks Cizzy & Helen :)
    Hrmmm secret to a good extraction? Well I use photoshop. The higher the version of Photoshop you have, the more intuitive the 'quick selection' tool is. I normally work from the background with the quick selection tool, then when I'm happy with the position of my marching ants, I 'select' then inverse my selection to choose my object. If I have a similar tone, fuzzy or pixelated background then I'll pull out my WACOM tablet and tidy it up. Also, I sometimes hold down the 'shift' key when my marching ants are active, then choose the 'shape' tool to add to the selection and give my object a more tidy or refined edge. Hope this helps!! :)

  4. amazing work Holly, Fabulous Layouts you do and well you have a good model for your LO :) xxx

  5. Aww cheers MJ, I suppose I do have a living baby doll hehe :) Missing you lot xx